Bogotá, Colombia


I feel a bit of a fraud writing about Bogotá as we saw little more than the inside of our studio apartment. With the internet on the Galapagos having been too weak for schoolwork, Lauren had a lot of catching up to do, and we holed up in the apartment working our way through the curriculum.

We did have one day off though, and visited the Gold Museum, a museum of pre-hispanic gold work from hundreds of years BC to Spanish times. We walked the 40 minutes from our flat to the museum, seeing some fun graffiti on the way, and getting soaked in the freezing rain.






The extreme air conditioning in the museum was almost painful through our sopping wet clothes, but even so, we thoroughly enjoyed the museum, which didn’t just feature the gold artifacts themselves but had exhibits on how they were made – different techniques over the years, from melting it and casting it in wax moulds, to beating it repeatedly, to using gold threads to ‘weave’ intricate designs.

After the museum we wandered through the old part of town, picked up some first class coffee for some friends, and headed home for more schoolwork.

I’m really sad we saw so little of this clearly buzzing city, and would love to return to Colombia in the not too distant future to spend some proper time there. I got a real ‘friendly but on the move’ kind of buzz from the people which was very attractive.