About Us


Hi my name is Caroline and I’m a single mum to 8-year-old Lauren. I have worked in International Development in Mozambique for the last 15 years. Lauren has lived all her life in Mozambique.  Until now.

Mozambique has hit a rocky patch, with government corruption, human rights abuses and the lure of revenues from massive gas reserves threatening to undo all the good work of many Mozambicans and some dedicated foreigners who were trying to improve living standards for the poor. This is tragic for the people of Mozambique, and utterly depressing for me. I feel its time to leave, and to show Lauren a bit of the world. So I scraped together all my savings and decided to take a year out. Lauren will continue her schooling while we are on the road, but this is a year for us to spend time together, explore and have adventures.

The plan is to start in Europe from our family’s base in Portugal (my parents, brother and nephew live in Portugal), fly to Rome then spend a month inter-railing thought Italy, Greece, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, eventually ending up in the UK, where we will renew our passports, before heading to India for a month or two. After that, we catch a cargo shop to Montevideo, for the start of a 6 month South American journey. Buenos Aires, Patagonia, the Galapagos and Colombia are on the list, and we aim to end up in San Francisco in 2018 in time for the school summer holidays, to spend time with friends from Mozambique who now live there. But plans may change, which is the beauty of choosing our own path.