We have just come back from an incredible acrobatic show. Although to call it an acrobatic show is to suggest it was just circus tricks when this was in fact a dramatic, highly choreographed, highly professional show. All the beauty, colour, grace, joy, emotion and passion that seems missing from everyday life in China was up there on stage, and it felt like a release from a rather dour and grim Beijing.

I was really keen to take Lauren to a traditional acrobatic show, but unfortunately most of the more ’traditional’ ones had live animal acts, which we refuse to support. However, after a bit of research we decided to go to the Chao Yang theatre which had an animal-free acrobatic show.

It was absolutely incredible.

Not just the feats of strength, balance and group coordination – cartwheels on a tightrope, running around the outside of an enormous ‘hamster wheel’ 15 metres off the ground, without a rope and blindfolded, 12 girls on one bike cycling around the stage in various positions, gut wrenching contortionists, ten motorbikes zooming around a tiny contained space etc – but the graceful dancing, and the expression of emotion on stage. There was a story of sorts, which we didn’t really follow, but that in no way detracted from a brilliant experience.


A fabulous afternoon, all the better for having been spent in the luxury of front row seats in an air-conditioned theatre out of the heat.

Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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