California! (Updated with San Diego photos)


The last few weeks I haven’t written much, partly because we were having too much fun with our friends in Alameda, San Francisco. We arrived just before the end of school here, and Lauren was lucky enough to be invited to join her friend Maddie’s class for the last few days. She even put together and presented a powerpoint about our trip and answered the children’s questions (including ‘how many people have you met’ and ‘how many states have you visited…’).

Maddie and Lauren met when they were toddlers – Lauren was not yet two – and along with Maddie’s older sister Ava, were great friends until they left Mozambique before us, in 2015. It’s been wonderful to catch up and to see that the girls’ friendship has lasted, with plans already being made for future meet-ups. That’s not to say there wasn’t the odd bit of drama – we are talking 3 pre-teen girls after all 🙂

Most of the time we have been content to hang around the island (Alameda is an island in the bay across from San Francisco, just next to Oakland and not far from Berkeley), taking the dog for walks, playing games and catching up. After ten months on the move, its nice just to be somewhere with a washing maching, decent wifi, nice vegetables, and more than two rings on the cooker.

We went for a walk in the Oakland hills one hot day, and Lauren and I went up to San Francisco a couple of times to get visas for the next leg of our journey, and to watch the England-Tunisia game, which we ended up watching in an Irish pub, as the English one had a no-child policy.


Ava, Maddie, Lauren and Monty the dog enjoying the shade after a walk in the hills. 

One day we took the three girls to the SF science museum, the Exploratorium, where they spent almost the entire day learning from hands-on exhibits. Plenty of hard science is covered (“molecules and stuff”, as Lauren put it) but some of their favourites were more social – a version of the prisoner’s dilemma saw Lauren putting me in jail for three years (snitching brat), and a minor tiff broke out when one girl ‘broke her promise’ and squirted the other with water instead of giving her a drink in another ‘individual interest vs. cooperation’ experiment. I can think of some politicians on both sides of the Atlantic who could do with some reminders about how a functioning society should behave… maybe we should lock them into the Exploratorium until they learn how to be civil.


Learning about the impact of colour on emotions at the Exploratorium….

Another day we visited the ‘county fair’ – in part, a funfair as we might have in the UK, with dodgems (‘bumper cars’) and big wheels and rollercoasters and those horrible rides that turn you upside down and around all at the same time, as well as candy floss and fried food. Lauren and the two other girls absolutely loved the rides, spending hours going from one to the other in a state of high excitement bordering on hysteria.








There were some elements though that were uniquely American. Lauren and I were horrified at the pig racing – widely condemned by animal rights organizations such as PETA, but with a willing audience here, as baby pigs raced round a track and were made to jump fences. Lauren looked stricken, and we left. Its not just the ways these animals are trained and treated (dreadfully, according to animal rights groups),  its also the whole concept of animals existing to entertain us. There were also animals in small cages, including a peacock pacing up and down, and a number of animals the children could ‘handle’, which seems barbaric in this day and age. Don’t get me wrong, the area was shady, they looked well fed and watered, but still, they hardly looked contented and some seemed positively anxious. But then in a country with authorities willing to separate defenseless children from their parents and send them goodness knows where, perhaps the rights of animals don’t rank highly. … (I try to keep this blog away from politics, but what is going on in this country is horrifying right now).

The food was also fairly, ahem, unique – we had deep fried oreos (actually quite tasty, basically just a doughnut with an oreo filling…) and Lauren had a corn dog – a frankfurter deep fried in batter. It looked and smelled as you might expect, but Lauren enjoyed it.

Corn dog …..

David also took the three girls away for a few days of fun by the beach – they swam, hiked, and even panned for gold. Lauren found two miniscule pieces of gold, barely discernible with the naked eye, so unfortunately not enough to fund another year of travelling…. While I was separated from Lauren for the first time in 9 months, I hopped on a plane to catch up with my friend Lynn and her husband. It was a lovely few days full of good food and conversation,although we did spend much of the time mourning the state of the country and the world more generally. It was intense, and after 9 months of deliberately distancing myself from the world’s ills, it felt like I was suddenly plunged back into the depths of despair at the state of humanity. Democrats in this country seem to be totally lost, geographically segregated in liberal bubbles, unable to fight against a president and party who don’t play by the rules and not helped by a divided party. People are struggling with how to combat outright lies, how to engage in a debate when the other side rubbishes evidence, data, reasoned debate and ‘experts’ and relies instead on deliberate stoking of hatred and divisiveness.

Oops, strayed again…

Anyway, another high point of the last few weeks was our trip to San Diego, to visit good friends from Mozambique, Mindy and her son Sebastian, who also left before us. Sebastian is 3 years younger than Lauren, but they got on really well, and we had a very chilled weekend, including plenty of good food and wine, ice cream sundaes, lots of play time, a concert picnic in the park, some world cup games, and a day at the ‘Old Town’ where San Diego was first founded. It was also great to catch up with my friend Claire’s son Tanguy – last time I saw him he was Lauren’s age, now he’s a strapping 18 year old lifeguard.

We also had very special sightings of two blue whales, largest creature on the planet, which has been a long-time dream of Lauren’s. We went quite a way out to sea on a smallish boat and were lucky to spot the spouts from miles away, racing towards them in time to spend half an hour bobbing around the regulatory 100 feet from these magnificent creatures as they repeatedly dived and ‘spouted’ (??).

Blue whales migrate past the Pacific coast at this time of year, and while it was impossible to get a full look at them, we did see them diving a couple of times, seeing the whole body slowly arch and subside, ending with a massive slap of the tail on the ocean. Very special. Photos below courtesy of the San Diego Whale Watch naturalist on board with a huge camera, I didn’t even try….

whale 1

whale 2

Right now, we are back in Alameda and house and cat sitting as David, Tracy and the two girls (and the dog) are making their way north in their camper. We are also doing the rounds of the embassies for our next leg, through China, Mongolia and Russia.


It was a sad goodbye, but we will see them again somehow, somewhere. Have fun folks!

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Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

2 thoughts on “California! (Updated with San Diego photos)”

  1. Great that Lauren has maintained her friendships. Shame that you had to endure a visit to the backward USA. Yet another mass shooting this evening.


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