Galapagos Week 2: San Cristobal Island


Week two can be summed up by a daily routine that barely deviated from: wake up, breakfast, pool all morning, lunch, stroll along the front, ice cream, beach and swimming with sea lions, cocktails and cards, dinner, bed.


After an exhausting but exhilarating week aboard the Letty it was wonderful not to have to jet back off to a job or onto another intense destination, but to instead enjoy the (very) slow pace of island life and to have time to absorb what we had seen and learned. The plan had been to spend this week doing schoolwork in the morning and beach stuff in the afternoon, but the internet was so atrociously bad that no schoolwork could be accomplished. It took half an hour a day to upload one photo!

Nonetheless the lack of internet gave us plenty of time to catch up on our books, and the days passed gently and calmly.

The highlight was, without a doubt, the time on the beach, where sea lions would regularly come up to us and want to play. The pups especially seemed to single Lauren out, and it was hilarious watching them play in the waves in exactly the same way, jumping over the bigger ones, and riding the surf all the way to the beach, before rolling around in the shallow water.

Look at this beautiful clip of Lauren and the pups:

One big one came up behind me at one point and headbutted my bum, which gave me a hell of a shock. It seemed to want to play, but while the pups are cute, the big ones are a bit scary. While we tried to keep our distance, they had no such concerns, and the pups regularly bashed into Lauren in the waves, or their whiskers tickled our legs as they ducked and dived around us.

On the beach, they could actually be a real pain.  One came and sat on my towel, and I had to ask the lifeguard to remove it. Another tried to nab my sunglasses, and it was only due to the intervention of a quick thinking guy nearby that it didn’t get them. I saw one dump itself down on a kids sandcastle, and others simply made people get out of their way. They were never overtly aggressive, but they certainly let us know where we stood in the Galapagos pecking order (definitely below sea lions).

Check this guy out:

I was impressed by the lifeguard on duty, who must be one of the few lifeguards in the world to spend more time dealing with human-animal interaction than saving people from the sea. From stopping kids getting too close, to the inevitable selfie-takers, to rescuing items they had fallen asleep on, he did a sterling job of keeping the peace.

On our last night we invited a lovely French girl Lauren met on the beach – who was also travelling for a year with her parents and brother – for dinner, and the girls had a great time playing Uno and nattering away while I made the most of happy hour.



Now we are in Bogota, and have excellent internet, so poor Lauren is putting in long hours to catch up with her schoolwork, before Mexico and then (very excited to see our friends!) the States.

Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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