Galapagos Day 8: Boobies and Departures


If we had thought that a 09.30 disembarkation would mean a lie in, we were very wrong when we were told at the briefing the previous night that there would be a 0600 wake up call to fit in a visit to Isla dos Lobos, where we would have the chance to see the famous blue footed boobies and their mating dance.

Now don’t get me wrong, boobies are fascinating and all, but there was a tiny, exhausted part of me wondering if they were worth getting up before dawn for. Because, while on ‘boat time’ it was 6am (they operate on mainland time) it was actually 5am by island time, which we were now on….

We had said we would take every opportunity however, and really, why miss it when we had a week’s rest coming up, so up we got and went to see some boobies before breakfast.

It was brilliant. First, being on the island just after the sun came up meant it was cool and beautiful. Secondly, the boobies are just hilarious, the male fluttering his wings and whistling dementedly, the female pretending to not care and occasionally flying off, only to return minutes later, strutting about without ever seeming keen. The male whistles and ruffles his feathers and lifts one foot then another while the female looks the other way.

Hey, come mate with me, I have a rock!!! 

I wandered away from the group and spent a while just sitting on a rock observing them.

There were also some very curious sea lions that we literally had to scare off through clapping our hands, or they would have got on the panga with us.

This little one followed us all the way back to the panga, and on being scared off jumped in the water and swam around the boat.

All too soon though, it was time to head back for a last breakfast, and our last panga ride back to San Cristobel, where we would disembark.

Luckily for us, I had foreseen the need for a week of complete rest and booked us a guesthouse with a pool on San Cristobel, so we could just flop for a bit after a lot of travelling, my illness, and a very full on week on board the Letty. While most of the others headed to the airport, we jumped in a taxi and within half and hour were laid out by the pool, where I still am as I write this, and from where it is unlikely we will stir much for the next few days.

Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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