Quito and ‘Operation Galapagos’


As I was still feeling dreadful after ten days of limited food intake and antibiotics, I figured I really should seek medical attention. On arrival in Quito therefore, we dropped the bags and headed straight for the hospital.

They put me on a drip, gave me loads of different medications, and ran blood tests. Turns out I had cleared up the bacterial food poisoning with the antibiotics (although I got a lecture for ‘self diagnosing’), but I also had a viral stomach bug, which was hanging around. My stomach was also so irritated after ten days of constant retching, that it was unhappy when I ate, and even more unhappy when I didn’t. Luckily, the drugs meant I could keep some food down, and they kept me in until I could eat some crackers without throwing up.

After this, I finally started to recover, spending 3 days in Quito doing not much more than eat, sleep and take my tablets. Lauren called this ‘Operation Galapagos’ and was a most attentive nurse.

We head for the Galapagos tomorrow – and I am about 70% fit, still a bit weak and shaky but way better, so hopefully that will be enough to enable us to get the most out of what promises to be a trip highlight – 2 weeks in the Galapagos, the first living aboard a small boat of 16 passengers with two naturalists to show us around the various islands and answer all Lauren’s difficult questions, and then another week just chilling with the sea lions on one of the inhabited islands.

You probably won’t be hearing much from us for a while….. but we will take a few pics…









Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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