Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Yesterday we had a very tough days driving – firstly, a road closure meant that we had to weave our way through the whole of Torres del Paine national park, along winding, narrow, steep, dusty tracks that are fun when you are gazing at the view but not so fun when trying to get somewhere. Then a mess up (mine) at the border when we realized that I’d sent my old passport number to the rental car company who had put it on the car documents, meaning when we got to Argentina (a good few km from the Chilean border post), they wouldn’t let us in and sent us back to Chile (where an incredibly nice border guard phone the car rental company, got them to send the revised documents by email, printed and signed them, and gave us his number in case of trouble) and then the incredible endless tedium that is the ruta 40 in Argentina. By the time we eventually arrived in El Calafate, my eyes were stinging and I was only good for feeding us and going to bed.

Today however, was amazing.

Today was a day we had been looking forward to for a very long time – glacier day.

Unfortunately, you have to be ten to actually set foot on the glacier, and they insist you prove it. But we did the next best thing, getting a boat out to within 300m of the wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier, which stands between 50 and 70 metres tall.

We were incredibly lucky to be able to witness part of the glacier collapsing into the lake – this often happens at the end of the day, and I had timed our visit to catch the last boat. We were rewarded with two spectacular collapses where huge chunks of the glacier fell off into the lake, creating icebergs and throwing the boat about. I caught one on video, and will get round to posting here when we have better internet – its on my facebook page for those who have that.

Its hard to describle the jagged blue top, the sheer size of the glacier, the creaking sounds as the ice shifts, the huge thumo as tonnes of ice hit the water…. so I won’t try, I’ll just show you.

Oh, but just to top off an incredible experience, we saw our first (live) armadillo! Running across the road, we got a really good view before it scuttled into the grass for safety.

Spectacular day. And made Lauren keep to get “home” so she could Google all about glaciers. Isn’t that the best way to learn?

Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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