Jardim dos Picaflores – Hummingbird Garden

A lush, hidden garden full of hummingbirds in Puerto Iguazu….

Hummingbird in flight, Jardim dos Picaflores, Iguazu, Argentina
Hummingbird in flight, Jardim dos Picaflores

The Jardim dos Picaflores is a lovely little place in Puerto Iguazu, and we spent a pleasant afternoon in its shady coolness, watching the hummingbirds and other birds coming and going.

Jardim dos Picaflores, or hummingbird’s garden, is a small garden behind an ordinary-looking house, with lots of canisters hanging up that have a sweet liquid in which attracts the hummingbirds. There are benches under the trees where you can sit and watch the birds, and even a fridge with soft drinks to buy. Its all a bit haphazard – opening hours are from approximately 3pm to 6pm, and you have to hang about by the gate until someone notices you – but this all gives it the slightly mysterious air of a secret garden.

Hummingbird at Jardim dos Picaflores, Iguazu
Hummingbird having a drink…


I never realized quite how many hummingbird types there are – the owner has a checklist so you can tick them off if that’s your thing – we were just happy to watch the spectacle of them dashing about on wings barely visible they move so fast, and seeming to hover in the air effortlessly.

I somehow forgot to publish this blog post until now, but it was such a lovely afternoon I wanted to share anyway.

Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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