Iguazu Falls, Argentina!!!

Visit to the awe-inspiring Iguassu / Iguazu falls, Brasil / Argentina.

Iguazu falls

Today was the big day – the reason we had trekked this far north and endured that overnight bus journey.

A visit to the awe inspiring Iguazu Falls.

These incredible waterfalls emerge out of the jungle at various points around a wide basin, and plunge into the river below. It’s the biggest waterfall system in the world, and is shared by Argentina and Brazil, with the border running right down the river. Most of the falls are in Argentina, but from Brazil you get a wider view of them all – while in Argentina you can get up close to many of the falls. I had visited the Brazilian side 20 years ago (I don’t feel old enough to have done anything 20 years ago….) and was keen to share the experience of the Argentinean side with Lauren.

There are various islands and many different waterfalls, with the biggest and most dramatic being the garaganta del diablo  or devils throat, where about half of the water falls.

Its hard to describe Iguazu falls – and even harder to capture in photos – just how enormous and spread out the falls are. From the fairly slow moving river spread over a vast swathe of rainforest upriver, cutting through rocky outcrops and small islands and boulders, with huge catfish lazily swimming around and occasionally grabbing a fly, to the increasing urgency as the water reaches the top of the falls, still spread over an immense area, to the intense power and drama of the cliff edge around a huge semi-circular bowl in the earth, as the water swirls and pulses and turns in on itself, throwing mist many metres into the air, at many points along the edge, before plunging down to the river below, dividing round a big island and once again slowing down into a wide and fairly placid mud-coloured river strewn with boulders.

I can’t do it justice in words, and the pictures try, but convey more ‘pretty’ than ‘immense and awe-inspiring’ – so you will just have to visit one day yourselves!

Iguazu falls upriver

rainbow at iguazu falls

Ah yes, starting to look a bit more dramatic….
View from the top of Garaganta del Diablo
Garaganta del Diablo – the force of the water at this point is incredible.
After getting up close, we went for a jungle trek to gain some perspective – this is a view of where we were in the morning from about a KM downstream…..


Isla San Martin in the middle obscures some of the falls, but this tries to show how vast the falls are, ranged around in a massive semi-circle in the rainforest.
DSC01702 (2)
There are many smaller (but still incredibly impressive) individual waterfalls throughout the park…


By this stage of the day we had walked a good few KM through the dense rainforest, in incredible heat, and this pool looked very tempting….
There were lots of these coatis (with their kits) around the areas where people congregated, and despite signs everywhere asking people not to feed/pet them, of course people did.


Not sure what this was (its huge) but we kept it to ourselves to spare it the attention of other tourists.
There were many enormous butterflies, with incredible colours, but impossible to photograph – this little fellow obligingly stopped by and I got this shot.

As I say, if you get the chance, do visit – its one of those wonders of nature that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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  1. Yes, but she is learning a lot from it as well – and not just the amazing highlights, but the long bus journeys and having to make herself understood if she wants a particular combinationn of helados in the cafe!!!


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