By Lauren: Acuamania Water Park!

acuamania water park in uruguay
We are in Dayman, a small village in Uruguay. We came here mainly to go to Acuamania, which is a massive waterpark.
I was really lucky to meet some new friends to go to Acuamania with. They were really nice, an Argentinian family whose daughter is 11 years old and was very nice to me. We made very good friends.
Acuamania was amazing!
It had everything; some water slides and even a Zipwire where you slide across and then whenever you want you can just jump into the pool.
My favourite ride was definitely the Zipwire – at first i was scared  because of how high it was but when you do it the first time without giving up then you never want to stop!
There were slides that were like a cliff edge – you would go straight down and when you hit the bottom you make a wave like a tsunami! I never went on that, it was too scary.
Acuamania also had a bucket full of 200 Litres of freezing cold water, that tipped up onto you when you stood underneath. I went under that twice and when the water fell,  it was so heavy that my head was pushed down so far it probably looked like I didn’t have a neck. After that freezing water, I went straight to the warm pool!
There was also a good not too fast or too slow slide where once I thought I was going to fly of the edge of it!
Acuamania was awesome!!!!!!

Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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