Day 22 – Piri Piri Mark II


Today I made some new piri piri. And boy did it not disappoint.

In Dakar I had looked for chillies and only found some rather manky looking ones in the supermarket. I asked the guy selling vegetables and he said they were ‘a little spicy, not much’ and then when I asked if he had anything really hot, he said they were hot… so I got them, but didn’t have high hopes.


I took a little off one and ate it, and it didn’t feel to have any heat at all, so I was massively disappointed and wasn’t going to bother. I then ate about a third of one.

And nearly died!

It turns out they are the hottest chillies I have ever tasted, but have a long burn, so that the little bite I took hadn’t kicked in until I took the second, and oh my goodness, I couldn’t talk! Lauren ran to get water and yoghurt, and then tissues for my streaming eyes and nose, but for the whole of today my mouth and throat have felt burned.

So anyway, I wanted hot. Just have to be a bit careful. I chopped and sliced and squeezed, and watered them down with some red chillies, and presented it for dinner. I still couldn’t taste much, and warned the Germans to go easy. Exactly the same thing happened – the German guy took some, said ‘oh its not so bad’ and I felt a bit silly. Then about two minutes later he was gasping for water and bread.

I am writing this a good few hours after making the stuff. My fingers have all swollen up, and feel like they are burning. I am sat with a wet towel, constantly stopping to cover one hand or the other.

I’d love to know what that guy in the shop felt was truly hot, if these were ‘a little spicy’!!!!!!

Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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