Merry Christmas Everyone!


I hope everyone celebrating Christmas, wherever they are and however they celebrate, has a wonderful time over the holidays. Particularly the rest of the wonderful Ennis family: have a glass (bottle) of champagne for me and a lovely extended Christmas. We will miss the charades, unless we manage to get the Italian-Filipino crew to play along…

Friends around the world – enjoy the celebrations and all the best for the coming year. Its been wonderful to catch up with some of you this year, and we are looking forward to visiting a few more next year.

We will be experiencing a very non-traditional but certainly memorable Christmas day on the Grande Amburgo, somewhere mid-Atlantic if all goes to plan.

Hugs to all, and a big sloppy kiss from Lauren to Michael.

P.S to the non technically savvy (looking at you mum….) this was scheduled to post on the 25th, I am not actually somewhere with internet right now….. 




Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

One thought on “Merry Christmas Everyone!”

  1. Hey – a very Merry Christmas to you both! I hope it’s been a fun one! And welcome to Spain!

    I hope all’s going very well. It looks very exciting!

    Best wishes, Ed


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