By Lauren: Our Cargo Ship


Hi this is Lauren.

We are on a container ship for a month so we won’t be able to post or talk much because we won’t normally have internet so no messages, no calls, no emails except when we are in port and even that isn’t guaranteed. (C: we are currently sailing up the river to Hamburg and hopping on a German mobile network).

So this is the list of what I am going to talk about: canteen, lounge, cabin, gym.

So let’s talk about the canteen first. (C: what a surprise!). The canteen is good. So far I like the food. This is the menu today:


Four course lunch and dinner served to you!!!! It’s a nice canteen (C: mess!). Here’s what time lunch is….11am for passengers, we have 45 minutes because the officers eat at noon. The kitchen (galley) is right next to the canteen and the head cook sings and whistles the whole time.


Right, let’s go on to the passenger lounge. Its just as big as the crew’s lounge but it has 2 sofas, 2 comfy chairs, 9 chairs, 3 tables, one table football, lots of films, 1 huge TV, a Christmas tree and three windows.

I do my schoolwork in the lounge.


So now lets go to the cabin. The cabin is bigger than we expected. Yes, it is small but you can live in it for a month. It has bunk beds and lots of storage space and an en suite bathroom. We have put up lots of Christmas decorations and even a really tiny Christmas tree.


Now lets go to the gym. The gym is small but good to get some exercise. There is a treadmill, 2 bikes, some weights and table tennis.

The 6 other passengers are nice. There are three Nicoles (2 French and one German) and three men. There are two French couples who I speak French with and a German couple who speak good English and I’m going to play ping pong with them.

I am feeling really good, the sea is not as rough as it was on the way to the Faroe Islands, it’s a really nice ship, and I’ve made a few friends.



Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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