White Out

I am sitting in the kitchen of the guest house we are staying in in Iceland, looking out at a complete white out. Occasionally chunks of snow that have been blown off nearby roofs hit the window, but apart from that its totally white.

The wind is racing up the valley at over 50km/hour and hitting this little village with incredible force.

When you can make out individual flakes of snow they are flying horizontally and occasionally creating little ‘dust devils’ of snow (snow devils?’), whirling round in a circle before smashing into the house. No one is out in this, not even the hardened locals, although the odd car does venture past incredibly slowly.

Buses are suspended, as the mountain roads have been closed. There is now no way in or out of the village. A snow plough was the last vehicle through and brought milk to the village shop. People here assure me that this weather is very unusual for November.

We were supposed to leave tomorrow on the bus to the next town, where we would catch a flight to Reykjavik, but that is definitely not going to happen. I can’t really imagine the weather could get worse, but apparently it is forecast to do so overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow.

I’ve tentatively re-booked for the following day, on the promise of a lift to town if the bus can’t make it and the local authorities deem it safe to re-open the road. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, we just finished Laurens last exam for her second module, and I just uploaded the whole thing (5 exams, of between 5 and 10 pages each) so we are going to celebrate with a cookie and some Tv.

We got a lift to the shop this morning by the very friendly lady running this place and stocked up on essentials, so basically, we are going to be keeping our heads down until this passes. Even Lauren who has been loving getting out and about in the snow has agreed she’d rather snuggle down in our cosy room and wait this one out.

No pictures today, because, well, it’d just be white!


Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

2 thoughts on “White Out”

    1. Yes very good for studying and we just finished Lauren’s second set of exams. Can’t get out of the village to the airport. …. Sea on one side, mountains on the other and only the road over the mountains or the ferry next week if it makes it. Snow is currently horizontal and wind bending the trees halfway to the ground. Walk this morning turned into a fight to stay upright in a blizzard so settled in for an afternoon of cookies and TV.


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