Proud Mum

So this blog post has little to do with travel and so much to do with how awesome my daughter is. Sorry.

On trains, on boats, in hotel rooms and friends’ spare rooms, she has buckled down and done her school work, despite the many distractions on offer.

We just got the full set of grades back from the CNED system that Lauren is doing her schooling with. Those of you who have been following know that the first of 8 modules that she has to do throughout the year, covering French, Science, Maths, ‘Discovering the World’, Art, Music and all sorts of odds and sods like ‘civic education’ and ’emotions’ were rather tough on both of us.

We scanned the first set of exams in and sent them off a couple of weeks ago, feeling she had done her best but not sure if that was enough. The standard of French seemed way higher than that expected of her at her previous school and she worked incredibly hard.

She got full marks in Maths. I expected nothing less, she is far ahead of the French curriculum in Maths, as I’ve been teaching her from the British curriculum, and she does maths for fun.

But she also got full marks in everything else. 

She didn’t get everything right of course, she’s not perfect 🙂 , but each ‘competency’ is marked and she needs to get above a certain threshold in each to get a top grade. And she did it. In every single subject, even bloody Art which caused more tears and tantrums (sometimes from her, just as often from me) than anything else.

And she did it in exam conditions which I am sure don’t get enforced in some households, but we both wanted to ‘do it right’.


So now we know we can do it. Which is a relief, as we are nearly through the exams for module 2!

She has remained committed and consistent in her schooling (sometimes when I’d be willing to let things slide) and we are finally finding our rhythm. Some days we do nothing, then other days we do whole chunks of the curriculum. The original plan of two hours a day after breakfast doesn’t work when daylight starts at 0900 and ends at 1500.

If she already knows stuff I don’t make her do the endless repetition (this week in ‘civic education’ it was about using calendars, something she has been able to do for a long time, so we jumped the whole section and she did that part of the exam).

Anyway, I am of course super proud of her, and also of myself as there is a lot expected of the ‘tutor’ beyond just making her sit at the books. Its been a challenge but we now know we can do it.






Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

8 thoughts on “Proud Mum”

  1. Hey you guys. That’s fantastic Lauren and Caroline ! Well done to you both. Can’t disagree with Tracy’s comments at all. You sound to be having a brilliant time and still managing to get through the school work. All power to your elbows !!!


  2. Great news. You did it. Congratultions to Lauren, but also proud mum. Enjoying reading of your travels. Any sign of the northern lights?


    1. Thanks Julie. Just got to Iceland so hoping for some northern lights activity but it’s snowing at the moment and cloud cover forecast to be 80-100 percent all night so not looking good for now. We’d love to see them but if not it’s been worth coming to Iceland just to play in proper deep snow!!! Bug hugs from us.


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