Bonfire Night

Yes, I know this is out of chronological order, but I promised, then I forgot, so here is the bonfire night post, 5 days late.

Lauren has never experienced a ‘proper’ bonfire night, that day when the English get together and burn effigies of Guy Fawkes, who wanted to blow up parliament but failed, suffering a pretty gruesome end as a result. Google if you want the history.

Traditionally we eat toffee apples (apples covered in toffee, a total waste of toffee if you ask me), set off fireworks, and keep the emergency services busy.

We decided to take Lauren and Olivia, the granddaughter of the people we were staying with in St. Albans, to the firework display in the park in St Albans. We started off the night in good form, with some sparklers.


Then, well wrapped up against the cold but surprisingly clear night, headed to the park along with a fair few thousand others.

I had just got a new camera, sick to death of trying to get my ancient phone to stand in, and did some reading up beforehand on the best settings for fireworks. I set the aperture and shutter speed and was quite pleased with myself. This was the result.


I reverted to automatic mode and let the camera work it out. Its clearly far smarter than me.




Lauren was thrilled and spent the whole evening going ‘wow’.

Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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