School’s Out!

I’m sorry if this blog has been rather quiet lately, but we have had the rather pressing issue of Lauren’s first exams to complete.


All of this is just one module – 3-4 weeks worth!

She had to submit 6 different evaluations, which included French, Maths, Science, ‘Discovering the World’, Cultural and Civil education, Art, Music etc. They all included oral and written submissions, and it’s been intense. Our inclination would have been to dump the Music and Art stuff, and pick and choose the academic stuff, but she has to learn songs to sing and do artwork etc as part of the exams so we couldn’t.

Luckily, she sails through the maths which she sees as light relief from the rest. I’ve done a lot of maths with her independently and she is clearly way ahead of where she needs to be for the French curriculum, so she sees it as fun time.

She has shown far more discipline, grit and determination than I would have credited her with, and she has a right to be very proud. I found the whole process quite stressful, but feel we are well on top of things now.

We will get results within 10 days, but I am fairly confident she will have done OK.

One of the questions with home-schooling is how flexible to be vs. establishing a routine. I think we have got it more or less right, after a few weeks of finding our feet. I feel we both benefit from a routine, but am also not willing to sacrifice all the fun stuff we want to do this year for the sake of it.

We have been getting up at 0715, and starting school fairly strictly at 0800. Work stops for an hour or so mid-morning so that Lauren can take the dog for a walk with Lois, which she really enjoys and is good for her, and this is an opportunity for me to read ahead and prepare the next session. We work til about lunchtime and if we feel we have made enough progress, we do fun stuff in the afternoons. Occasionally we have done another couple of hours schooling in the afternoons.

We have managed to fit it around trips to see friends in other parts of the country, and there have been days when schooling has taken place on trains or in cafes. So, we are making it work. The next challenge will of course be making it work when we are ‘on the road’ rather than settled in one place, but these first 3 weeks (during which we covered 4 weeks schooling so Lauren could have this week off to go to camp) have got us well underway.

The final exam was completed last Thursday and Lauren chose lunch out followed by the cinema as her treat (we saw ‘Victoria and Abdul’ which was good but we both sobbed through quite a bit of it!). We then had a ‘Mummy-daughter day’ on the Friday and then she left for adventure camp on Saturday.

A well deserved treat the day exams were finally submitted.


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