School in Skopje (by Lauren)

The trip has been amazing so far! Skopje was one of the best places because we spent time with our friends. Skopje is a weird but good place!!

There is one thing that I did which was unexpected but nice. I went to school!! I was a bit nervous at the beginning but everyone made me really welcome and I enjoyed the first day so much I went back the next day!!


Most kids think school is boring, but the school I went to is small and so not boring. Maybe its just because I love school, but I think most kids would like this school, it is lovely and the teacher Isabel had (Miss Alison) made learning fun.

They had 4 small turtles and one big one, and lots of geckos and when I was there I saw one of them shedding its skin.

For those of you wondering what good a small school can give you, well here is the list:

  • The teachers pay more attention to you so if you need to say something, put your hand up and she or he will see you.
  • In a day you already feel like a family because it only has about 80 kids in it.
  • You get much more attention from your friends.
  • The canteen is less crowded and you can talk to your friends without having to shout.
  • You get to have more cool classes.

I made some friends, including Rita, Laura and Miss Alison’s daughter.

We had these classes in the two days I was there:

  • Library and reading class
  • Science and experiments class
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Normal class, the one with all the tests and maths and stuff like that.


Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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