Ostia Antica


Ostia Antica is a fairly well preserved Roman town which once served as a port for Rome. It’s also a lovely day trip when you feel the need to escape the heat and crowds of Rome. Thanks Denise for the recommendation, we had a fab day 😊

We packed up and left our little Air B&B and jumped on the tram to Termini station, where we would later that day catch a train to Naples. We left the bags at left luggage, which was a total mess and had huge queues, so I paid the extra 12 euros to ‘skip the line’ and have the ‘concierge service’ that would deliver the bags to the platform of our train 15 minutes before it leaves. Haven’t quite got into backpacker mentality yet!

The ruins are pretty impressive, although you do have to use your imagination. Best preserved is the amphitheater, a number of mosaics, the men’s latrines (seating only, with a specially shaped hole adapted to the male anatomy), and some villas, temples and bars. There are also some pretty impressive big round container things that I am sure my brother will be able to name – they stored grain in them and transported all sorts in them by sea.

Next – High speed to Naples!



Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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