Hi I’m Lauren


Hi I am Lauren and I like Nature, animals and pets. I love doing Ballet and gymnastics and most sports.

I like eating pizza, meat, pasta, puddings and lots of vegetables. I don’t like any kind of fruit!!!

I am feeling very excited about going round the world but of course there is usually a silver lining to every decision you make. A silver lining means there is the good and the bad. To me, my silver lining is that I had to leave all my friends behind in Mozambique. I have lots of friends there because I lived there my whole life. I miss them all a lot and will also miss my family in Portugal.

I am most excited about going on the container ship for a month at sea. It is an Italian ship so there is going to be lots of good food, there are 5 courses for dinner!!! Wow! I know that I have an enormous appetite but that is a lot of food !!

I’m not really worried about anything because I have had all 8 vaccinations so that I don’t get a disease and die.

I hope you enjoy our blog.



Author: choosingourownpath

Mother and daughter, travelling the world.

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